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RE day

My best part of the day the art in the afternoon.When I went to church I loved the stained glass windows they were lovey.cheekysmiley


I think that the the first week back at school was amazing . I enjoyed making the Be A Top Banana minions


Love Olivia xx


Happy Half Term

How is every body's half term . Who is going on holiday I have just come back from my holiday , Cornwall. I can't wait to move into year 5 .I wonder if we are going to do sewing ?I hope everyone is having fun .       


From Olivia 

Summer holidays

What's everyone doing in the summer holidays .Well , who's going on holiday .I am! If you are where are you going . As well as this who is looking forward to moving into year 5 . 


Happy Holidays  xxxxx

Hot weather

It has been so hot lately that the day before yesterday I sprayed myself with my water gun . Don't forget to wear sun screen . 

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